Speech Level Singing – The Best Way to Sing

Do you want to sing better? Do you know how to sing without straining your vocal cords? Do you want to take your singing to the next level? Do you want to increase your range, improve your tone and increase your power? Have you secretly wanted to be able to sing seemingly effortlessly like Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder? Now, you can with Speech Level Singing(SLS) technique and some coaching and practice.

Speech level singing is a revolutionary vocal training technique pioneered by Seth Riggs. It is founded upon the idea that you should be able to sing as naturally as you speak. This vocal training technique involves eliminating the use of the muscles outside the larynx(voice box) to mould the tone, and training the larynx muscles to do all the vocal cord adjustments.

It is very common for singers to use the muscles outside the larynx to try to control the tone. This forces the larynx up or down to assist or ‘improve’ the tone causing tension and as the singer climbs up the range, the voice begins to break or crack. Singing the wrong way can cause unnecessary stress to your vocal cords, and may damage them in the long run. Speech Level Singing is a way of using your voice that allows you to sing naturally and freely with maximum power and clarity. This vocal training technique is used by more than 120 Grammy award winners including both singers and actors. In fact, some of the judges of singing contests such as The Voice and The American Idol are trained in Speech Level Singing.

Whether you have taken singing classes before or you are beginning to learn how to sing or you want to participate in a Kpop or The Voice singing competition, whether you are an adult or a kid, whatever the genre – jazz, pop, country, classical or opera –  Speech Level Singing will improve your singing or voice control dramatically. In the past, if you are thinking of taking  Speech Level Singing lessons, you would have to travel to America to learn this vocal training technique. Now,you can take private Speech Level Singing lessons from a certified SLS professional singer based here in Singapore. You will notice the difference after a few speech level singing lessons.

If you are interested to take private Speech Level Singing lessons from a certified Speech Level Singing teacher, please write to ben@singaporesingingcoach.com.