If you want to sing well, you have to look after your body. You may be talented, you may have taken a singing class or for that matter a Speech Level Singing class, but if you don’t take care of your body, you are not going very far with your singing.

Your body is the instrument of your voice. The voice sound is produced by a musical instrument – your body. It requires utmost care and maintenance to keep your body and voice in fine working condition. Those who don’t look after their bodies are also not looking after their voices. Care for the body means living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, healthy diet, sufficient rest and avoiding harmful habits like smoking and excessive drinking. Here are some singing tips to keep your vocal cords in top condition:

  • Sleep sufficiently to avoid physical fatigue impacting on your overall performance
  • Exercise regularly to improve general health, muscle tone and sense of well being
  • Eat plenty of vegetables to keep the mucous membranes that line your throat healthy
  • Abstain from hot spicy food which can cause reflux that will damage your throat
  • Don’t smoke as it damages your long term health and inflames your vocal cords
  • Don’t drink alcohol which is dehydrating and produces a sedative effect
  • Avoid dairy products and fatty food which affect your voice if eaten before singing
  • Avoid sauna or steam baths which dry out your body and vocal cords
  • Avoid drinking hot beverages as it causes blood vessels in your throat area to swell
  • Avoid drinking cold beverages as it constricts blood vessels in your throat area
  • Avoid clearing your throat as it can injure your vocal cords. Drink warm water instead.
  • Stop singing when you feel discomfort, strain or pressure when singing a high note.Consult a singing coach to help you correct your technique
  • Avoid singing the wrong way which will injure your vocal cords. Take a Speech Level Singing Class to learn the correct way to sing naturally and safely


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