If you are looking for a professional Singing Teacher in Singapore, read what some students who have benefited from Ben’s personal coaching in Speech Level Singing technique have to say:

I started out with no knowledge of the vocal chords and head voice. Although I studied with Ben for only 6 months, he has taught me the importance of singing with feelings and also the use of chest and head voice, making sure I don’t reach up for high notes and making sure my voice is connected from low to high. He gave me the confidence to continue to sing!

JJ, performer/singer

I have learnt a lot from Ben and realised that I am able to increase my expectations in my singing which I didn’t know I could or didn’t use to be able to. Singing has become more effortless for me after taking up “Speech Level Singing” with Ben, and I hope to continue using everything I have learnt in my singing and music!Thanks Ben!

Corrinne Rachel, performer/singer

Imagine my surprise when I learn that these popular music artists are all using SLS to sing those high notes. I’ve always wondered why I always struggled so hard when it looked like such a breeze to some. Right from the first lesson, Ben was able to pin-point the areas I knew I had trouble with at the back of my mind but did not know how to correct. His instructions were clear and techniques, deliberate. Every session bringing not just learned skills but fun and laughter. I will be bringing these techniques learnt to every jamming session and every gig I perform at. At the same time, SLS is definitely the smarter technique to help retain the vocal chords for a sustainable future in performance (singing).

If you are looking at this page to read reviews on Ben, I will say without hesitation that he is the right choice to take you forward in your singing career. Waste not a minute longer!

Patricia Levitt

Ben is a wonderful teacher with that rare gift of being able to pinpoint problem areas and deliver the solution in easily-digestible, bite-size pieces. I like that he treats each voice as a new case and customises targeted vocal exercises for each singer’s unique condition. On top of that, he’s got a patient, easygoing personality, and it’s not hard to imagine why he makes an ideal singing teacher. Thanks for everything, Ben!

Nat Ho, local celebrity actor/singer

Training with Ben has expanded my range, my confidence and my belief in what I can do vocally. What I like about SLS technique is that the results are almost immediate, you can feel or hear the improvement in the voice instantly! I was also able to tap into the unexplored areas of my vocal range after just a few lessons from him. He has been very patient with me at times, always knows exactly what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it, and really good at helping me to get the high notes. He made singing such a breeze.

Phoon Shuhui

Singing has always been one of my favorite hobbies, and challenging myself to sing higher and better has always been one of my goals. I took a home study course which was founded on Speech Level Singing(SLS) for 2 months, but I hit a plateau because I realized that I learn best when taught by a coach. That’s when I discovered Benjamin Eio, a certified SLS trainer. In just 4 half hour lessons with him, I saw far more improvement than I got from the home study course. I was able to improve tremendously because Ben showed me what to look out for, and how not to make disastrous mistakes. For example, there was a right way to hit high notes, but it would only be possible with time and practice. I was warned not to jump the gun, because it would mean I would end up using wrong techniques to hit high notes. He drilled the fundamentals into me correctly, and with constant practice on my own, I was hitting high notes the way I always wanted. Something like that wouldn’t be possible should he not stress on the fundamentals. Hence, I highly recommend Benjamin as your personal vocals coach, because he IS qualified to show you the right ropes. Thank you Benjamin for being such an awesome vocal coach. You ROCK!

Kevin Teo, 33

From out of pitch to singing in pitch, Benjamin was always patient and encouraging. I had struggled with getting the correct note of each song when I do karaoke, thus I do not enjoy singing openly. Not to mention the high notes, I had difficulty. During the classes, Benjamin went through different exercises to strengthen the way a sound/voice/tone can be better produced and taught me techniques so that I can sing effortlessly. Now, I finally have the confidence to do some songs.

Not only this, having real life experience as a stage singer and armed with superb formal vocal training such as speech level singing makes Benjamin a very qualified teacher. I would highly recommend him if you want to learn proper singing techniques as a competitive or even as a bathroom singer.

Edison Tan

A friend and I have been taking Speech Level Singing (SLS) lessons with Ben since November 2011. The main objective for taking up the singing lessons was to make the best use of our voices so that we could enjoy singing in a relaxed and enjoyable way. I think I have achieved much more than what I expected in these 2 years of vocal training under Ben.

We are very thankful to Ben for his patience in training us for the past 2 years. He put us at ease from the start and certainly built up our confidence with his coaching techniques and guidance. Through the SLS exercises, our vocal techniques and timbre have improved significantly.

It’s has been a great experience and honor having singing lessons under Ben as he paved the way for discovering our true vocal potential. His passion for teaching is inspiring, and he will always be on the top of our list of recommendations.

Tony Goh

Engaging lessons, and informational teaching which does help in understanding how the Speech Level singing technique work.

Chen Mei Jun

I have always enjoyed music since young. When I was given a Karaoke player back in 1991, I was simply addicted to it and subsequently went into competitive singing. While I am able to inject the intended expression into a particular song, I used to have to choose my song very carefully, at least for competitions, because of my limited voice range. I do not have the technique to hit high notes in general and that really limited the repertoire of songs which I could attempt. Gradually with age, I found that my voice range also narrowed and vocal power, weakened. After stopping competitive singing for about a decade, I decided to step out of my comfort zone last year and was pleasantly surprised to come in 2nd runner-up in a competition. My regained confidence motivated me to seriously pursue vocal training and after much research for good vocal training methods, I decided on Speech Level Singing (SLS) Method. It was also by a stroke of fate that I chose Mr Benjamin Eio as my teacher since I was looking for a certified SLS teacher in Singapore who lives near my house and he was the one.

During the first singing lesson itself, Ben was able to accurately diagnose the problem with my voice – light chested, but he also assured me that with SLS, he would be able to help me expand my vocal range significantly over time. Over the next couple of lessons, Ben tailored a series of targeted vocal exercises based on my deficiencies as well as my ability to handle some of the exercises; for those which I faced difficulties, he provided alternatives so that a similar outcome could be achieved. I am very thankful to have found Ben as my teacher because he is a dedicated and understanding trainer and the exercises he prescribed really strengthened my voice, not just during singing but also while speaking, which is what SLS is all about – Speech Level. Within a few lessons, my Karaoke friends started asking if I had “done something to your voice” because I was able to hit much higher notes and with a richer voice than before. When I shared with them about Ben and SLS, a few of them immediately registered interest and subsequently took lessons from Ben because they saw the real results in me! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, Ben…you are a SLS gem!

Janiz Goh

Under Ben’s patient tutelage, I have expanded my range, hitting notes that I couldn’t reach previously and with less strain. I am also now less prone to sore throats from the incorrect use of my voice.Although Ben is knowledgeable, he is non-judgmental, friendly and nurturing. I enjoy his lessons immensely; there is never a dull moment and I’m amazed how an hour can seem to pass so quickly.

Most importantly to me, Ben can really sing! He has a good voice and has performed professionally. So he can not only explain a point, but also demonstrate it beautifully. You’ll be inspired to be able to sing like him. This is like wanting a personal trainer who has the physique to be your role model and motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

Eugene Lee

Ben is an excellent voice teacher who has the ability to motivate and encourage in a nurturing way. Since working with Ben, my 12-year old son Matt, has improved much in vocal technique and gained confidence to sing in front of an audience.  This has improved his self esteem and encouraged him to believe in his talent. It has been a gradual and rewarding journey so far. Thanks for everything Ben!

Christine Tan, mother to Matt, 12 year old

Ben is one vocal instructor who really tries his very best to understand the problems that I face with my voice during lessons, and helps me overcome them one by one patiently.  Despite being an extremely patient vocal instructor, Ben constantly pushes me to challenge my voice to go another step further, to ensure that I will never stop improving my vocals. Every vocal lesson with Ben is a great learning experience, as he guides me to explore my voice more and more each time.

Ben teaches SLS, from which I benefitted greatly as the method allows me to sing much more freely and flexibly than before, without having to strain to reach the high notes.

Balwin Tan

I always had trouble reaching the high notes without feeling a sharp pain in my throat or experiencing the all embarrassing crack sound as my voice strained to reach. This gradually changed when I began having speech level singing lessons. My teacher identified my problem within the first lesson and we began work on trying to smooth out my vocal break and prevent my larynx from moving up with the notes. Gradually, I stopped feeling pain when singing and the high notes began to come much easily. This made singing the songs which I enjoyed listening to more fun and doable. I’m really happy that I started vocal lessons because I feel more confident singing in front of people now.

Jessie Lim

Before I got to know Speech Level Singing, I did not know what are mixed voice, head voice and vocal bridges. I could only sing in pure chest voice, up to a F# or sometimes a G above middle C, sounding more strained as I reach my top notes. This serverely limited the amount of songs I could sing.

Mr Benjamin Eio’s Speech Level Singing excercises help me to sing with a better connection between my chest and head voice. I am now able to sing with less strain. He also stressed the importance of having vibrato in our voice, and I am now able to use it more freely in songs.

Kenneth Ng

There were major improvements in my voice right after the very first vocal lesson I had with Benjamin. I had been through other vocal lessons outside and all I that learnt is that the higher I sing, the more I have to push my hearts out to sing those notes. But for the first time, I have come to realize that power is not always the initial thing to look at during vocalization. And with the help of Benjamin and SLS, I learnt how to relax my vocal cords while singing, especially in my higher register, so that I won’t tense up and eventually hurt my voice box.

Through the exercises, I have gotten to know on how to strengthen my chest voice by not just belting out a song or note, but by the use of proper vowels and enunciation in scales as taught in SLS. After the first few vocal lessons with Benjamin I have already gotten feedbacks from friends that my voice has improved a lot and this in turn gives an immense boost to my previously low self-esteem as well.

Sabryna Towhid